Mobility Products


We have a wide range of wheelchairs and accessories to suit most requirements and budgets. We supply manual and powered wheelchairs that are compact, easy to control and lightweight, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. We will help you find the ideal wheelchair, and make sure that you are comfortable and confident with your choice.

Come into our showroom and let us find one that suits your needs.


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Bathroom Aids
For those of us with mobility issues, getting in and out of a bath can be almost impossible without help from a carer. This can be quite embarrassing and undignified. Our bath lifts sit inside the bath and they can be lowered and elevated to lift you in and out without help from anyone else.

Call into our showroom where we can demonstrate the models and find the one best suited to you.

bath lift bathroom aids

We stock a range, and are usually free with certain purchases. Call into our showroom and we can find you some that suit you best.

Mobility Scooters
We offer a selected range, from simple portable models ideal for carrying in a car, through to pavement and road legal models. Please call into our showroom where we can assess your exact requirements and match you up with the correct model.

mobility scooters

High Back Chairs – 50% Off with Riser Recliner*

A beautifully crafted fireside chair; fully upholstered and supplied with the option of wings and infills. You can also specify wood finish. Also available is a matching two-seater settee and static or adjustable footstool. We also offer hospital style chairs in adjustable sizes.

Call into our showroom where we can demonstrate the model and find the one best suited to you.